Through our collective bargaining agreements, our network of allies across the country, and continued supply chain organizing efforts, we work with our members to help solve a wide array of problems from workplace issues to problems facing the broader Latino community, like discrimination and racial profiling. “We Are FLOC” is a place for our members to share their experiences and stories of how the union has impacted their job and their lives.

Abel and father
The Union runs in the family. It is no secret that many Mexican families migrate and work in the fields of the United Sates to sustain themselves. The Cabrera family is no exception. Albino Cruz Bueno first came to work in the fields of North Carolina in 2004. A few years after that his son, Abel Cruz Cabrera, followed in his footsteps.  Read more about their experience




An Hour Worked is an Hour Paid. A single mother of three teenagers ages 14, 17 and 18, Rosalinda and her kids had worked for 9 years for a grower in NW Ohio, where she was often not paid for all of the hours she and her family worked. In 2011, she moved to a new farm and experienced for the first time what it means to work under a union contract. Read more of Rosalinda’s story