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Follow our campaign organizers this summer as we join with tobacco farmworkers across NC in demanding that our right to join a union and negotiate fair terms of employment be protected. Join us in the “Respect, Recognition, Raise!” campaign and fight for a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, respect in the workplace, and recognition of our union! Read more about how the “RRR” Campaign came to life.


Voices from the fields:

“The thing I don’t think is fair is when we feel sick [from tobacco sickness] the farmer tells us to rest under a tree for a while.  No doctor, no medical assistance, no nothing.”

-Victoriano, Johnston County

“They threaten us.  They say that if we report something they’ll move us [to another farm] or that they won’t give us more work.”

-Silverio, Nash County

When a Workers’ Right is Under Attack, What do #RRR Organizers Do?


Feature Blog of the Week:

Anna Vilches

Already we have met so many workers that are demanding change. As we speak to them we begin to understand that most of them know just how bad they are being treated and that they are workers who deserve dignity, respect and recognition for the hard work they do every day. The most common demand that workers ask for are higher wages. In North Carolina, minimum wage is $7.25 which is what undocumented workers and workers without a H-2A Visa usually make. Those who do come with a H-2A contract should be making a minimum of $9.87 an hour.  Yet, the workers we have spoken to agree that these wages are not appropriate for the amount of work they do.

There have been other problems that have been mentioned. For example, at one of the camps we recently visited, the workers said they do not have access to bathrooms out in the fields while they work. I’m sure if more people knew about these conditions they would be shocked to find out that this is the way workers are treated in this country, particularly workers who help put food on our tables. Read more.


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Fred Ross Organizing Axiom of the Week: “Organizing is providing people with the opportunity to become aware of their own capabilities and potential.”

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