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1-Star Reviews to End Farmworker Abuse

Yelp review

Our #BoycottVUSE campaign continues strong! However, after months of pickets and demonstrations across the US, convenience stores like Circle K, Wawa, and 7-Eleven still have not taken VUSE off their shelves. Now, we’re increasing the pressure on these convenience stores by leaving 1-star reviews against farm worker abuse on Yelp and Google.

Please help support the mounting pressure on Reynolds American by leaving a 1-star review of convenience stores that have refused to drop VUSE. Please join us in this continued fight and help us reach our goal of 100 1-star reviews! Comment on the Facebook post or tweet at us at @SupportFLOC to let us know how many reviews you’ve left. You can also share the post on your Facebook timeline, and tweet it out to your followers!

Yelp reviewGoogle review

Here’s a sample of what you can write:

Farmworkers of FLOC are asking [Circle K] to take Reynolds American e-cig VUSE off of their shelves. FLOC has sent multiple letters and phone calls to [Circle K]‘s corporate office with no response. VUSE is a product of Reynolds Tobacco and I am boycotting VUSE until Reynolds American guarantees the respect and dignity of farm workers within their supply chain. Farmworkers deserve better – therefore, I am leaving a 1-star rating until [Circle K] decides to take VUSE off of their shelves.”

Video instructions for how to post a review on Yelp or Google are available on this Facebook postOr check out the instructions below:

For GOOGLE REVIEWS ON THE COMPUTER (you will need a Google account/Gmail to make this work):
1. Open up Google and look for nearest Circle K / Wawa / 7-Eleven in your area.
2. Click the link that shows you the nearest store. This will take you to Google Maps with a brief summary of their store.
3. Scroll down the page and click on WRITE A REVIEW.
4. There will be 5 stars under your name or username, and leave a 1-star rating. Where it gives you the option to share details of your own experience, write something along the lines of the sample above.
5. Click POST.

For GOOGLE REVIEWS ON AN iPHONE (you will need a Google account/Gmail to make this work):
1. Open up Safari and search the name of the store.
2. Click on the location for which you want to leave a review.
3. Click REVIEWS, to the right of OVERVIEW.
4. Leave a 1-star rating. When it gives you the option to share details, write a review along the lines of the sample above.
5. Click POST.

On YELP (you will need a Yelp account to make this work – download the app if you want to do this from your phone):
1. At the top, search for the specific store and an approximate location (city or street address).
2. Click on the name of the store. Then click on the first star in order to WRITE A REVIEW along the lines of the sample above.
3. Once you have finished your review, click POST REVIEW.

Now Hiring a FLOC Homies Program Manager

DSC_7733_web 4

Position: FLOC Homies Program Manager

Location: Toledo, OH

The FLOC Homies Union is a social movement that addresses the needs of the community in Toledo through the creation of democratic institution and a unified, collective voice. The Homies youth program helps young people identify needs in the community, strategize solutions, and carry out actions to address those needs. Another core part of the FLOC Homies Union is the Employment Readiness and Youth Empowerment Program. This program provides paid positions for participants to learn the basics of leadership and community organizing. Over 16 weeks of training, these young leaders will be taught key life skills including: job seeking strategies, employment readiness, conflict resolution, resume writing, building self-confidence, understanding power structures, community organizing basics, building social capital, and promoting civic engagement.

General Position Summary: This position is available immediately and is a full-time position. The Homies Program Manager is responsible for recruiting and interviewing youth for the program, finding employment for the program’s participants, mentoring youth, teaching afternoon classes on life-skills and assisting with the management of the programs’ finances and grants.

Qualifications: Flexible schedule including working evenings and some weekends; willing to travel occasionally; demonstrated commitment to social justice; passion for working with youth; must have valid driver’s license and a car and be willing to drive for work (mileage reimbursed).

How to apply: Applications will be accepted until position is filled. Please send a cover letter and resume to Justin Flores at Please be sure to mention what date you are available to start.

Compensation: Depends on experience


Fired up for another season!

Dudley membership meeting group pic 2018

As the cucumber harvest and the tobacco work begins, union members from across Eastern NC assembled at our NC union hall to discuss how the union contract works in practice on their farms and share best practices for resolving workplace issues. Members also strategized how to end corruption in the H2A guest worker program and bribery at the US-Mexico border and how to escalate the fight with Reynolds American Inc. to win collective bargaining rights for all tobacco farmworkers. Click here to read more about the VUSE boycott and how you can support tobacco farmworkers’ fight for justice! 


Camper at membership meeting

Christian on consulate meetin

felipe montan membership meeting

member at 1st membership meeting

A huge thanks to our amazing group of volunteers who transported members to and from the meeting. Without your support, this union would not be possible. We are still looking for volunteers for our next membership meetings in Henderson and in the Triad. Click here for more information and to sign up!

BV 2018 with drivers

Photo credit: Jared Ragland. Click here to see more pictures. 

FLOC Meets with BAT in London


On April 25, 2018, a FLOC and IUF (International Union of Food and Allied Workers) delegation traveled to London to attend British American Tobacco’s 2018 Annual General Meeting. This trip marked the first time that FLOC met with BAT as complete owners of Reynolds supply chain and the first meeting since the launch of FLOC’s boycott of Reynolds’s e-cigarette brand VUSE. Despite having brought to BAT’s attention numerous investigative reports and examples of human rights abuses on BAT and Reynolds’s contact farms, Chairman Richard Burros insisted that BAT’s policies were satisfactory and “doing the job.”

31306965_1707189739362753_7088315554945430132_nDuring the shareholders meeting, President Velasquez challenged BAT to stop promoting charity programs as an alternative to freedom of association and collective bargaining. “How long are you going to follow a model that is proven to be a failed model?” citing the US’s War on Poverty charity programs. “They fail because they don’t address the systemic inequities in the supply chain. Farmworkers do the most arduous jobs in this industry. We’re not asking for handouts, we’re asking for a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.” He also asked why BAT continues to either support or remain neutral when their growers sponsor legislation that inhibits freedom of association like NC SB615 and the NC Agricultural Right to Work law.

In a private meeting afterwards with BAT executives, President Velasquez pushed BAT to sign a memorandum of understanding to guarantee freedom of association to farmworkers in their supply chain. He also encouraged BAT to fix their pricing structure so that the price of tobacco would cover the true costs of doing business and allow farmers to provide better working conditions and fair wages, instead of marginalizing the farmworkers at the bottom of the supply chain with bad legislation.

“I encourage BAT to see FLOC as a real partner in transforming the tobacco industry and helping to fix the inequities in their supply chain. But until we have a written agreement from BAT and Reynolds, we’ll continue to organize and boycott Reynolds’s product VUSE.”



FLOC Launches VUSE Boycott with Actions Across the US

Goldsboro, NC

From April 9-20, we officially launched a boycott of Reynolds American Inc. (now owned by British American Tobacco)’s VUSE e-cigarette brand with over 40 demonstrations outside of Kangaroo, Circle K, 7 Eleven, and Wawa convenience stores in New York, San Francisco, Orlando, Raleigh, Durham, Toledo, and other major US cities. The boycott was dedicated to FLOC organizer, Santiago Rafael Cruz, who was assassinated on April 9, 2007 in our office in Mexico to try to stop the union from aiding farm laborers and ending corruption in the H2A guest worker program. The AFL-CIO, International Union of Food and Allied Workers (IUF), and the National Farmworker Ministry have already formally endorsed the boycott.

Contact us at if you’re interested in getting involved in the VUSE boycott!

Horacio Mendoza Lopez, a tobacco farmworker and FLOC member states, “In the tobacco fields, you find yourself with a lot of suffering, obstacles and barriers such as all of the illnesses, the heat, and the work injuries. Even though a lot of people think that what we’re doing is easy, we know that what we’re doing comes with a lot of sacrifice.”


Despite widespread national and international support for tobacco farmworkers’ demands, Reynolds still hasn’t agreed to sign an agreement with FLOC to guarantee farmworkers the right to unionize and negotiate better working conditions.

“As farmworkers, we work hard under the sun and we give our best effort. I have seen how tobacco companies fill their pockets with money and how they themselves push for farmworkers to have even lower salaries. We are fighting for better wages and for decent and dignified housing, and that’s why I’m calling for support of this boycott.” says Jose Camper Lopez, a farmworker and FLOC member.

Similar demonstrations will be replicated and spread to other cities in the US. Contact us at if you’re interested in getting involved in the VUSE boycott!

Photos from #BoycottVUSE demonstrations and pickets. For more photos or videos of actions, follow us on twitter @SupportFLOC and Facebook!


FLOC Pushes Mexican Government to Defend Mexican Farmworkers in the US


In a meeting with the Roberto Campa Cifrián on Tuesday, the Secretary of Labor of Mexico, FLOC President Velasquez pushed the Mexican Department of Labor to work with FLOC in achieving a common interest of protecting Mexican workers. Historically, Mexican workers who come to the US to work in the fields through the H2A guest worker program have been exploited in the workplace and excluded from most laws that protect the rest of the US workforce. Velasquez explained the harmful impacts of this lack of parity by detailing abuses that Mexican farmworkers face in the US including widespread wage theft, sexual harassment, and dangerous working conditions among others.

In the context of Trump’s anti-worker administration and harmful immigration proposals like the Goodlatte Bill, Velasquez stressed the need for Mexico to defend their own citizens. Velasquez suggested that the Mexico government use the NAFTA renegotiations to push for the expansion of the Agricultural Worker Protections Act (AWPA) to include H2A guest workers. AWPA is the principal federal law that provides federal protections around the wages, housing, transportation and working conditions of US agricultural workers but currently excludes H2A guest workers from its protections and remedies. If AWPA covered the H2A program, it would be an additional tool that labor organizations could use to stop the abuses in the H2A program, which has expanded rapidly to more than 200,000 agricultural workers in 2017, the majority of whom are Mexican citizens.

During the meeting, Roberto Campa Cifrián committed to promoting actions and policies to stop the exploitation of agricultural workers and stated that he was confident that they could advance protections for workers. Campa requested another meeting this summer to give a report back on the progress that has been made.

“We are grateful for Campa taking the time to meet with us. We look forward to our next meeting this summer to hear what progress has been made and to continue building a collaborative relationship with the Mexican government to achieve our common goal of protecting Mexican workers.” Said President Velasquez.

Congratulations Sesario Duran!


Congratulations to Sesario, a FLOC board member, for his introduction into the distinguished alumni hall of fame at Swanton High School in Ohio.

Sesario’s earliest memories of FLOC are of farmworkers walking out of the fields during the 1968 strike. “It happened so fast,” he remembers, “and we had something like $36 in the organization’s bank account. We did the strike on a farm where the grower was the president of an association representing growers in the area. A local union donated hot dogs and we had mariachis, and we did the 3 day strike right there on the grower’s property.” Even with few resources, Sesario says this first strike sent a powerful message: farmworkers were a force to be reckoned with. “The first strike really made us feel empowered. We were taking people right out of the fields, and it was really powerful.”

Today, Sesario continues to organize workers and supporters and currently serves on FLOC’s Board. We thank him for the 50 years that he has organized with FLOC! Click here to read more about Sesario’s story.

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