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Songs For Justice, Join Us!


Join us for a night of FLOC history through story and song! The Aguila Negra band features a mix of of movement songs with traditional folk music. The band donates 100% of the proceeds to the FLOC movement. Please join us at the concert and consider becoming a sponsor.

Your contributions will support FLOC’s struggle to win fair and safe working conditions, fair pay, and the right to collectively bargain for thousands of farm workers.


Sponsorship Details: 

$100.00 – Silver

$200.00 – Gold

$300.00 – Platinum

$500.00+ – Underwriter For Justice


*Tax exempt contributions can be made to CMWJ, FLOC’s education  and training partner.

Mail contributions to 1221 Broadway St., Toledo, OH 43609


make a donation online at our website:

For more information e-mail or call 419-243-3456

FLOC Clinics and SCORE Medical Missions Give Medical Care to Hundreds in NC in Wake of Hurricane Florence

The Farm Labor Organizing Committee Medical Clinics and SCORE Medical Missions of the Filipino Association of Toledo led by Dr. Richard Paat used the FLOC office in Dudley, NC as homebase to provide medical care to farm laborers and community members in the rural and remote areas of North Carolina in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. The disaster medical relief team included doctors and nurses from the Toledo area, University of Toledo medical students, and medical students from San Juan Bautista Medical School in Puerto Rico. They left for North Carolina the morning of Friday, September 21st  and returned the afternoon of Monday, September 24th. The team slept on the floor of the Farm Labor Organizing office in Dudley, NC. Local Latino church congregations took turns providing them with food and water.

The saw hundreds of patients and provided them with free medicine. The dues from members of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee as well as the donations of time from Dr. Richard Paat and SCORE Medical Missions as well as donated medicine made this possible.

FLOC continues to be available to the farm laborers and local community even after the medical clinic and in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

FLOC represents 10,000 agricultural laborers, that work and live in the North and South Carolina—many were affected by Hurricane Florence. Those interested in helping FLOC provide ongoing hurricane recovery for their members in the rural and remote farms on the coast and for eastern North Carolina communities can donate at or by calling our Toledo office at: 419-243-3456. Donations to SCORE (a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization) can be sent to: 5755 Monclova Maumee, OH 43537.


13 ABC News out of Toledo did a story before we headed out:

Olympian Harvesters Deserve A Fair Day’s Pay for Hard Work!

FLOC members are Olympian harvesters! Thanks to Esmith for the video!

This is what they call el baje; they’re taking all the leaves off the stalk and as you can see he fills his underarm with a whole lot of leaves. Then he runs to the trailer to dump it (that part isn’t in the video), and then he goes back to the row and does it again for hours at a time!

Farmworkers deserve a fair day’s pay for the hardwork. Reynolds American continues to refuse to guarantee a fair wage and fair housing in their supply chain, even after understanding how hard this work is in extreme temperatures. This is why we #BoycottVUSE

Click on the link below to see the video of our members in action!


Miembros de FLOC son trabajadores tremendos! Gracias a Esmith por el video!

Aqui estan en el baje, quitando todas las hojas de la planta, llenando la brazada con un monton de hojas. Despues uno corre a dejar las hojas en la traila y regresa a hacerlo otra vez por horas y horas!

Trabajadores agricolas merecen un salario justo por un trabajo duro. Reynolds American sigue negando su responsibilidad para asegurar salarios y viviendas justas a los trabajadores en su cadena de produccion, aun sabiendo que tan duro esta este trabajo especialmente cuando se pone muy caliente! Por eso tenemos el boicot de VUSE, #BoycottVUSE

Haga clic en el enlace de abajo para ver el video de nuestros miembros en acción.

FLOC Homies LED Lights Idea Taking Off in Toledo!

This idea for LED lighting replacements for broken and non-functioning street lights originated with the young people in our FlOC Homies program. They wanted to illuminate the streets in order to be safe at night and walking home from school in the winter.

Thanks Toledo and Toledo Edison!

The Toledo Blade recently ran an updated story on the LED lights. ‘Councilmen Want More LED Lights’:

Why The Black/Brown Unity Coalition? Rev. Dr. Otis Gordon of Warren AME Toledo, Reflects:

Click on the link below to see Rev. Dr. Otis Gordon’s reflections on the Black/Brown Unity Coalition’s trip to International Civil Rights Center & Museum, the Beloved Community Center, the Farm Labor Organizing Committee’s NC office, and farm worker labor camps:[0]=68.ARAeh2XIRFGPEiSK37zIMIJSQ5XO3lkN8BX-JFi9cMaYc6uoP9K2kW61zhkx8vQkiyopmJB631VCPvZaKIIk28eQ-piOZJidOOk6w7dQT0jGeqpS1TGsUUkcy-wRx05ss085QUVsAFc2fybG8_B3WocJmRcJmRTlpuNGnz3bJod38eVhJq-ftQ&__tn__=-UK-R

The Toledo Blade covers the Black/Brown Unity Coalition’s response to seeing the farm workers’ labor camps.

Click on the link below to read the story:


If We Want to Address Immigration & Secure the Border, We Have to Address Reasons For Migration

President Velasquez was the Plenary Speaker at The Friends General Conference in Toledo, OH. He explains that we have to address the root of migration to address immigration and secure the border. We have to address labor issues. He shows how it is a global issue. Click on the video below to watch his address. This is a call to action. People always ask us what they can do to help. He’ll tell you.

Black/Brown Unity Coalition Heads to Site of Woolworth Sit-ins and to Tobacco Fields


Toledo, OH – On September 5th-8th 2018, The Black/Brown Unity Coalition will head down to Greensboro, NC where African-Americans sat in at Woolworth’s in 1960. Then we will head to Eastern North Carolina to visit tobacco farm workers in the fields and in their labor camps. 

The President of FLOC, Baldemar Velasquez notes, “It is very important that Latinos get a glimpse of what it took to fight racism against African-Americans in the 60’s.  The Greensboro Woolworth sit-ins that sparked a nation-wide movement to integrate lunch counters was a turning point in the civil rights movement.  We will visit the civil rights museum with a guided tour with one of the participants in the sit-ins!  A living history experience.  African Americans will then get a taste of the current fight that farm workers face for fair treatment in the tobacco fields and our fight with Big Tobacco corporations, the challenge of the immigration issue with the obstacles it presents for farm workers leading a decent life.  They will visit labor camps and dialogue with workers”


The Black/Brown Unity Coalition was founded by six organizations: 




1. Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC)

2. FLOC Homies

3. Latins United

4. Local 500

5. NAACP Toledo Branch

6. Toledo Community Coalition


Baldemar Velasquez, The President of FLOC, wrote the Preamble of the Black/Brown Unity Coalition which describes why these six organizations founded it:

“Throughout the history of America black and brown people have struggled to achieve the full rights guaranteed by the Constitution of our Nation.  In the struggles to overcome the historic institutions of oppression, heroic figures have creatively organized, resisted and stood against, many times at the of expense of their lands, property, livelihoods and even their lives.   The ravages of slavery, tenant farming, sharecropping that kept many Black peoples on the margins of life set in motion a trajectory wrought with unequal standing and opportunity.   The theft of the Western US from Mexico and Indigenous communities through doctrines of “Manifest Destiny” and other euphemisms for predatory imperialism dispossessed millions of Brown inhabitants that to this day live with cautious sensibilities.

The human rights movements through civil rights, labor and community organizing have done much to ameliorate historic inequities but much has remained undone as we see past progress being reversed and dis-mantled.  From civic participation, voting rights to economic polarization we see the ramifications in our neglected neighborhoods in the urban areas and rural people frozen in time of the latter part of the last millennium.

Though Black and Brown communities have valiantly struggled against abuses and inequality many times we watched each other’s struggles with sympathy and not seen the opportunity to bridge our own cultures to identify our common obstacles.  We the undersigned membership organizations declare that we will no longer carry on separately but work, identify and strategize together in identifying common issues and collaborative solutions.”

– Preamble for the Black/Brown Unity Coalition written by Baldemar Velasquez


Action Peaceful Protest Raleigh, NC: Thursday Sept. 20, 2018 at 5:00 pm at Circle K (Kangaroo Express) 4302 Wake Forest Rd

Join us in Raleigh! Thursday Sept. 20, 2018 at 5:00 pm Circle K/Kangaroo at 4302 Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609.

As a part of our ongoing national boycott of VUSE e-cigarette, the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) and community members will take part in a peaceful protest outside of the Circle K (Kangaroo Express) at 5:00 pm on 9/20. Location: 4302 Wake Forest Rd. We are protesting the widespread abuses of farmworkers who work for Reynolds Tobacco’s growers. In 2011, Oxfam America and FLOC released a human rights report detailing abuses like retaliation for speaking out against abuses, squalid housing, sub-minimum wages, and work-related illnesses. Please Join Us!

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