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2017 News Highlights

>Make Old South End a Model

>NPR: Fearful Farmers Risk to Find Guest Workers

>Beneficia FLOC a Trabajadores con Visa

>New Life Seen for Old South End

>FLOC President Urges Community to ‘Adopt’ Families At Risk of Deportation

>Anuncian Mejoras de Salarios Para Trabajadores con Visa H2A

>FLOC Leader Issues Call to Action

>The Rough Draft Diaries Interview with FLOC Part 2

>The Rough Draft Diaries interview with FLOC Part 1

>President Trump Executive Orders on Immigration Hits Home

>Local Farm Labor Concerned about Incoming President

>FLOC Reaches Labor Contract for Migrant Farmworkers in NC

>Jornaleros Hispanos Logran Acuerdo Tras Demanda a Compania

>The U.S. DoL Hits a State Senators Farm with a Conspicuously Small Fine

2016 News Highlights

>Velasquez, FLOC rally at Republican National Convention

>Today’s Farm Workers Aren’t Free

>Piden a senador estatal que pague y restituya a siete trabajadores

>Trabajadores inmigrantes acusan al senador Brent Jackson

>Labor dispute lands at NC senator’s door

>Migrant Workers Sue Sen. Brent Jackson, His Son, and His Farm for Labor Violations

>FLOC: Approaching its 50th Anniversary

>El Cinco de Mayo, campesinos denuncian violaciones en campos de tabaco

>Reynolds, farmworkers’ union strive for more progress, common ground

>Audit: Children Working on NC Tobacco Farms

>Protest Outside RJR Shareholders Meeting

>The growth of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee, in photos

>One Man has a Plan

>Principles, Practices of Change

>Proactive Policing in Ohio

>Farm Labor Organization Demands Change at HKonJ

>FLOC Founder Proposing Toledo Police Policy Change

>Op-Ed on Child Labor

>Blessed are those who labor

S. Toledo rallies against violence: 2nd annual event recalls victims

Denuncian “esclavitud” de latinos en campos tabacaleros

Racial profiling case against Border Patrol in Toledo court

Plaintiffs say U.S. agents used racist terms: Border Protection accused of profiling area Hispanics

One Man Has a Plan

Principles, Practices of Change

2015 News Highlights

FLOC’S “Homies Union” Program Helping At-Risk Youth

Peace and Justice March Draws More Than 150

Pres. Velasquez: Op-Ed on Child Labor and Labor Rights

Child Farmworkers Banned From Handling Pesticides, But Not Tobacco

Farm Labor Activists Get Audience at Reynolds American

Reynolds American, Inc Draws Fire as Tobacco Farm Workers Decry Labor Conditions

Farm Labor Groups Make Progress on Wages and Working Conditions

FLOC President Receives Fred L. Shuttlesworth Humanitarian Award 

2014 News Highlights

Marcy Kaptur: America’s New Harvest Of Shame

AFL-CIO Demands Better Protections, Union Rights for Tobacco Farmworkers 

Scores in Old South End march for slain peacemaker’s cause

FLOC, Kaptur, British allies see woes of migrants in North Carolina

HuffPo Free Speech Zone

FLOC, British MPs vow to fight for workers

Land of the free? Not for U.S. farmworkers according to visiting British MPs

Farm Labor Activists Get Audience with Reynolds American Shareholders

How Can Labor Organize the South?

Top Labor Organizer: The South Is Not Lost, We Will Help N.C. Tobacco Workers 

New FLOC Campaign Brings Justice to N.C. Tobacco Farm Workers 

FLOC, British Reps vow to fight for workers

2013 News Highlights

Members of Parliament to help Velasquez in fight against tobacco giants

Visit with a Prophet

Workers in Ohio’s Fields Seek Better Pesticide Protections

Pres. Velasquez Rallies Jobless Locals in Mexico

Pres. Velasquez Arrested During Moral Monday

Tomato Grower Shuts Down Citing Inability to Hire Enough Migrant Workers

Heat Danger Remains for Farm Workers after Hours, Study Finds

From Farm to Table: A new model for growing food fairly and safely

Protesters say they want more than talk from Reynolds

Top tobacco executives set to meet with FLOC

Immigration reform won’t solve farm workers’ woes

A Look Back At The 1968 Poor People’s Campaign And How We Create Black And Brown Unity Today (Audio)


2012 News Highlights

Protesters take tobacco farmworker issues to local stores

Danger and death in the tobacco fields

Many migrant camps lack safe water

Labor rights leader: ‘Anything is negotiable’ when ‘the rich man’s’ money is threatened

Outside Democratic Convention 2012, Unions Call To ‘Organize The South’

Getting needed medical help to migrant farmworkers

Farmworkers Push Tobacco Giant Reynolds to the Table

Reynolds OKs meeting farm workers group

NC farmworkers’ group to protest at RJR meeting

Farmworkers to protest Reynolds American meeting

Winston-Salem picket and march in support of NC tobacco farmworkers

NC farmworkers’ group to protest at RJR meeting

The Changing Face of Unions

Hundreds of farmworkers to protest Reynolds American

Tobacco companies, growers and workers to meet

FLOC aids tobacco workers

Tobacco firms agree to discuss farm workers’ rights

Organizing in the Tobacco Fields

U.S.-Mexico labor alliance calls for end to persecution of Mexican workers

Farm Worker Advocates Target Kangaroo Express

FLOC pressures Mexican president on murder investigation

North Carolina convenience-store chain targeted for ignoring abuse of tobacco pickers


2011 News Highlights

USAS campaign to ban sale of some cigarettes on campus December 9, 2011. The Daily Targum.

Report details plight of North Carolina’s tobacco workers November 9, 2011. Indy Week.

US Congress has unpaid debt to migrant farmworkers Congreso tiene deuda pendiente con trabajadores del campo en Estados Unidos October 26, 2011. Fox News

Eye-Witness to the Cruel Conditions in Tobacco Farm Labor Camps October 27, 2011. AFL-CIO.

Fear is Biggest Obstacle, Says Farmworkers’ Union October 24, 2011. Labor Notes.

Farmworkers take plea to government October 21, 2011. People’s World.

Rights of Tobacco Farm Workers Go Up in Smoke in North Carolina September 23, 2011. In These Times.

Power of Politics Blog by Oxfam September 27, 2011. Oxfam.

Justin Flores and Russell Bannan on the Mario Solis-Marich Radio Show September 23, 2011. Mario Solis-Marich Show.

NC tobacco workers face below-minimum wages and abusive working and living conditions September 19, 2011. Daily Kos.

FLOC, family seek justice in 2007 death September 8, 2011. Toledo Blade.

Gremio de EU denunciará al Estado mexicano por asesinato de activista September 9, 2011. La Jornada.

Marcha nacional e investigación ratifican malas condiciones y abusos de trabajadores agrícolas May 12, 2011. La Conexion.

FLOC Organizer Justin Flores on the Rick Smith radio show May 6, 2011. Rick Smith Show.

Study: Tobacco workers face brutal conditions in tobacco fields May 5, 2011. AFL-CIO.

Unions use tobacco company AGM to organize global supply chain April 28, 2011. Stronger Unions.

Unions raise exploitation of American tobacco workers at BAT London AGM April 27, 2011. TUC.

Hundreds Demand Chase Respect Human Rights March 18. AFL-CIO.

Dozens Picket Mexican Consulate in Raleigh February 9, 2011. News & Observer.


2010 News Highlights

Velasquez represents US-American farmworkers in historic global labor code negotiations in Geneva October 29, 2010. La Prensa.

UAW says could use GM IPO to pressure Chase. September 24, 2010. Reuters

“Migajas:” El Pago a los trabajadores agricolas.  September 22, 2010. La Conexion

Farmworkers launch divestment campaign against JPMorgan Chase. September 16, 2010. Facing South.

Workers Demand Chase Stop Michigan Foreclosures. June 29, 2010. People’s World

FLOC Confronts JPMorgan Chase on way to Detroit Forum.  June 22, 2010. La Prensa

Farm Labor Violators Facing New Scrutiny. June 10, 2010. Toledo Blade

Farm workers’ union protests Reynolds’ labor practices for third straight year May 12, 2010, Yes! Weekly

Rallying for Rights May 21, 2010. Oxfam America

A day’s walk from Tobaccoville June 4, 2010. Oxfam America

FLOC Meeting Shines Light on Discrimination April 18, 2010, Toledo Blade

Fighting for Farmworkers’ Rights for More Than 40 Years January 10, 2010. Ground Report


2009 News Highlights

Lawsuit alleges racial profiling by U.S. Border Patrol, et al. December 10, 2009. La Prensa

Workers Without Borders March 9, 2009. The New York Times, Jennifer Gordon

Labor Secretary Proposes Suspending Farm Rules March 13, 2009. The New York Times, Steven Greenhouse


2006-2008 News Highlights

FLOC works to put immigrants back on the map December 10, 2008. Toledo City Paper

Unions Fight Against Abuse of Migrant Laborers June 11, 2007. The Christian Science Monitor

Graft Mars the Recruitment of Mexican Guest Workers May 24, 2007. The New York Times

Voices of a New Movimiento June 1, 2006. The Nation