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How a NC State Senator Gets Away With Wage Theft

By Raul Jimenez, FLOC Organizer

June 20, 2016

A few weeks ago, I was part of a group of faith leaders, labor leaders, and community allies who delivered the names of 10,000 petitioners to Senator Brent Jackson, calling on him to reinstate seven farmworkers who were blacklisted from working on his farm in Autryville, NC, after they spoke out about wage theft and unjust firing.

A News and Observer article reported that Sen. Jackson’s attorney denies any wrongdoing and says that two of the seven workers are already working on other farms in North Carolina, proving that they had not been blacklisted. The truth is that only one worker has been able to find other work, and that certainly does not mean there was no retaliation. If a worker was fired from an office job for speaking out, would we ever say that there was no retaliation because they were able to find a job in another office?

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